Announcing Linkerd edge-21.1.3

Charles Pretzer

Hello Linkerd fans!¬†ūüĒ•

✨ We have another Linkerd edge release this week! ✨The latest stable release is stable-2.9.2.

To install this release, run: curl | sh

ūüĆü¬†This edge release improves proxy diagnostics and recovery in situations where
the proxy is temporarily unable to route requests. Additionally, the viz and
multicluster CLI sub-commands have been updated for consistency.

Full release notes:

  • Added Helm-style¬†set,¬†set-string,¬†values,¬†set-files¬†customization
    flags for the linkerd install and linkerd multicluster install commands
  • Fixed an issue where¬†linkerd metrics¬†could return metrics for the incorrect
    set of pods when there are overlapping label selectors
  • Added tap-injector to linkerd-viz which is responsible for adding the tap
    service name environment variable to the Linkerd proxy container
  • Improved diagnostics when the proxy is temporarily unable to route requests
  • Made proxy recovery for a service more robust when the proxy is unable to
    route requests, even when new requests are being received
  • Added¬†client¬†and¬†server¬†prefixes in the proxy logs for socket-level errors
    to indicate which side of the proxy encountered the error
  • Improved jaeger-injector reliability in environments with many resources by
    adding watch RBAC permissions
  • Added check to confirm whether the jaeger-injector pod is in running state
    (thanks @yashvardhan-kukreja!)
  • Fixed a crash in the destination controller when EndpointSlices are enabled
    (thanks @oleh-ozimok!)
  • Added a¬†linkerd viz check¬†sub-command to verify the states of the
    linkerd-viz components
  • Added a¬†log-format¬†flag to optionally output the control plane component log
    output as JSON (thanks @mo4islona!)
  • Updated the logic in the¬†metrics¬†and¬†profile¬†subcommands to use the
    namespace specified by the current-context of the KUBECONFIG so that it is
    no longer necessary to use the --namespace flag to query resources in the
    current namespace. Queries for resources in namespaces other than the
    current namespace still require the --namespace flag
  • Added new pod 'linkerd-metrics-api' set up by¬†linkerd viz install¬†that
    manages all functionality dependent on Prometheus, thus removing most of the
    dependencies on Prometheus from the linkerd core installation
  • Removed need to have linkerd-viz installed for the
    linkerd multicluster check command to properly work.

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback. Please try the new release and send questions/comments to this mailing list, and report bugs via GitHub.

Thanks, and happy meshing,