Announcing Linkerd edge-21.1.1

Kevin Leimkuhler

Hey Linkerd fans!

We have another Linkerd edge release! The latest stable release is stable-2.9.1.

To install this release, run: curl | sh

This edge release introduces a new "opaque transport" feature that allows the proxy to securely transport server-speaks-first and otherwise opaque TCP traffic. Using the annotation on pods and namespaces, users can configure ports that should skip the proxy's protocol detection.

Additionally, a new linkerd-viz extension has been introduced that separates the installation of the Grafana, Prometheus, web, and tap components. This extension closely follows the Jaeger and multicluster extensions; users can install and uninstall with the linkerd viz .. command as well as configure for HA with the --ha flag.

The linkerd viz install command does not have any cli flags to customize the install directly, but instead follows the Helm way of customization by using flags such as setset-stringvaluesset-files.

Finally, a new /shutdown admin endpoint that may only be accessed over the loopback network has been added. This allows batch jobs to gracefully terminate the proxy on completion. The linkerd-await utility can be used to automate this.

  • Added a new linkerd multicluster check command to validate that the linkerd-multicluster extension is working correctly
  • Fixed description in the linkerd edges command (thanks @jsoref!)
  • Moved the Grafana, Prometheus, web, and tap components into a new Viz chart, following the same extension model that multicluster and Jaeger follow
  • Introduced a new "opaque transport" feature that allows the proxy to securely transport server-speaks-first and otherwise opaque TCP traffic
  • Removed the check comparing the ca.crt field in the identity issuer secret and the trust anchors in the Linkerd config; these values being different is not a failure case for the linkerd check command (thanks @cypherfox!)
  • Removed the Prometheus check from the linkerd check command since it now depends on a component that is installed with the Viz extension
  • Fixed error messages thrown by the cert checks in linkerd check (thanks @pradeepnnv!)
  • Added PodDisruptionBudgets to the control plane components so that they cannot be all terminated at the same time during disruptions (thanks @tustvold!)
  • Fixed an issue that displayed the wrong when it is overridden by annotations (thanks @mateiidavid!)
  • Added support for custom registries in the linkerd-viz helm chart (thanks @jimil749!)
  • Renamed proxy-mutator to jaeger-injector in the linkerd-jaeger extension
  • Added a new /shutdown admin endpoint that may only be accessed over the loopback network allowing batch jobs to gracefully terminate the proxy on completion
  • Introduced the linkerd identity command, used to fetch the TLS certificates for injected pods (thanks @jimil749)
  • Fixed an issue with the CNI plugin where it was incorrectly terminating and emitting error events (thanks @mhulscher!)
  • Re-added support for non-LoadBalancer service types in the linkerd-multicluster extension

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback. Please try the new release and send questions/comments to this mailing list, and report bugs via GitHub.