Announcing Linkerd 1.7.0

Dennis Adjei-Baah

Hey Linkerd fans!

We're excited to announce that Linkerd 1.7.0 has been released! 🎈

Linkerd 1.7.0 includes a number of memory leak fixes for Linkerd and its
underlying grpc-runtime module. This release includes improvements for
SNI-enabled TLS communication, support for streaming arbitrarily large HTTP
requests and responses in HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 as well an upgraded JDK for
improved Docker container support.

A special thank you to Fantayeneh for their awesome work on GitHub issue #2315.

Full release notes:
  • **Breaking Change**
    • Removes maxRequestKB and maxResponseKB from Linkerd's configuration options in favor of streamAfterContentLengthKB. These parameters were primarily intended to limit the amount of memory Linkerd used when buffering requests. The streamAfterContentLengthKB parameter achieves this more efficiently by streaming large messages instead of buffering them
  • Consul
    • Enables streaming in the HTTP client used in the io.l5d.consul namer to allow for arbitrarily large responses from Consul
    • Support for the inclusion of Consul response service and node metadata in Namerd io.l5d.mesh and io.l5d.httpController responses.
  • Linkerd Configuration
    • Introduces a router parameter called maxCallDepth that prevents unbounded cyclic proxy request routing
    • Adds support for limiting the maximum size of l5d-err header values by using maxErrResponseKB in an HTTP router
    • Fixes an issue were some socketOptions were being ignored when partially configured
  • TLS
    • Fixes an issue where Linkerd can't connect to SNI servers that are addressed via IPv4 and IPv6
  • HTTP/2
    • Fixes a number of direct and heap memory leaks in Linkerd's HTTP/2 module
    • Fixes an issue causing users of grpc-runtime module to experience direct memory leaks
  • Updates Linkerd's JDK version for improved container support

As always, we are excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send comments/questions to us on this mailing list, and bug via GitHub.


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