Announcing Linkerd2 edge-19.7.2

Alex Leong

Happy Monday, friends of the mesh!
This is an edge release of Linkerd!  The latest stable release is stable-2.3.2.
To install this edge release, run: curl | sh

This is a release candidate for the upcoming stable-2.4 release. We'd love
to get your help testing this edge release!

Full release notes:
  • CLI
    • Refactored the linkerd endpoints to use the same interface as used by the proxy for service discovery information
    • Fixed a bug where linkerd inject would fail when given a path to a file outside the current directory
  • Proxy
    • Fixed a bug where DNS queries could persist longer than necessary
    • Improved router eviction to remove idle services in a more timely manner
    • Fixed a bug where the proxy would fail to process requests with obscure characters in the URI
As always, we're excited to hear your feedback. Please try the new release and 
send questions/comments to this mailing list, and report bugs via GitHub.


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