Announcing Linkerd2 edge-19.7.1

Eliza Weisman

Greetings Linkerdistas!
This is an edge release of Linkerd!  The latest stable release is stable-2.3.2.
To install this edge release, run: curl | sh

This is a release candidate for the upcoming stable-2.4 release. We'd love
to get your help testing this edge release!

Full release notes:
  • CLI
    • Added more descriptive output to the linkerd check output for control
      plane ReplicaSet readiness
    • Breaking change Renamed annotation to, to match the
      --enable-debug-sidecar CLI flag that sets it
    • Fixed a bug in linkerd edges that caused incorrect identities to be
      displayed when requests were sent from two or more namespaces
  • Controller
    • Added the label to the SMI Traffic Split CRD
  • Proxy
    • Fixed proxied HTTP/2 connections returning 502 errors when the upstream
      connection is reset, rather than propagating the reset to the client
    • Changed the proxy to treat unexpected HTTP/2 frames as stream errors rather
      than connection errors
As always, we're excited to hear your feedback. Please try the new release and 
send questions/comments to this mailing list, and report bugs via GitHub.

~ Eliza

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