Announcing Linkerd 1.6.4

Charles Pretzer

Hey Linkerd folks!

We're excited to announce that Linkerd 1.6.4 has been released! 🎉

Linkerd 1.6.4 upgrades the finagle version to 19.5.1 and adds support for
configuring message response sizes when using consul as a namer.

ConsulInitializer.scala now includes parameters to configure the 
Http.client object that is instantiated in the newNamer method.

Full release notes:

  • Upgrade to finagle 19.5.1 #2284
  • Support configurable response body sizes from consul #2286
  • Log inbound requests to namerd #2275

As always, we are excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send comments/questions to us on this mailing list, and bug via Github.

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