Announcing Linkerd edge-20.10.5

Charles Pretzer

Hello Linkerd Community! ūüĎčūüŹľ

We're very pleased to announce that Linkerd2-edge-20.10.5 has been released! ūüéȬ†

This edge supersedes edge-20.10.4 as a release candidate for stable-2.9.0. For the proxy, there have been changes to improve performance, remove unused code, and configure ports that can be ignored by default. Also, this edge release adds enhancements to  multicluster configuration and observability, adds more translations to the dashboard, and addresses bugs in the CLI and the destination service.

To install this edge release, run:
curl | sh

Full release notes:

  • Added a fix to clear the EndpointTranslator state when it gets a
    NoEndpoints message. This ensures that the clients get the correct set of
    endpoints during an update.
  • Added more Spanish translations to the dashboard and more labels that can be
  • Added support for creating multiple service accounts when installing
    multicluster with Helm to allow more granular revocation
  • Renamed¬†global.proxy.destinationGetNetworks¬†to¬†global.clusterNetworks. This is a cluster-wide setting and can no longer be overridden per-pod
  • Fixed an empty multicluster Grafana graph which used a deprecated label
  • Added the control plane tracing ServiceAccounts to the linkerd-psp
    RoleBinding so that it can be used in environments where PodSecurityPolicy
    is enabled
  • Enhanced EKS support by adding¬†¬†to the set of discoverable
  • Fixed a bug in the way that the¬†--all-namespaces¬†flag is handled by the
    linkerd edges command
  • Added a default set of ports to bypass the proxy for server-first, https,
    and memcached traffic

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send questions/comments to us on this mailing list, and bugs via GitHub.


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