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I experienced the same situation yesterday. Hitting F5 every other minute
kept saying the it wasn't ready.

Then it occurred to me that the information could be stale. So I went back
to the LF training portal and again clicked on "take exam". It once again
brought me to examslocal's website but now it was showing as ready.

Either I was extremely lucky and this doesn't fix anything (i.e. the
proctor got the exam ready when I was doing the process I explained above)
or the way the exam page is loaded really makes a difference.

On Aug 31, 2017 22:07, "Srikar Ananthula" <> wrote:

I registered on August 11, 2017, but failed to attempt since the exam is
not loading.

I registered again on Sep 1, 2017, and now I see a different error. When
contacted support "I notice you have a LF exam. These exams have had errors
uploading in our system today"

Launch Status: Delivery partner doesn't have the exam ready

Now even 2nd attempt also failed :(

On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 2:51 AM, Oleg Atamanenko <>


As other people mentioned, there are some issues with beta exam.

I also faced it today, my exam was not ready on time, so I didn’t have a
chance to take an exam.


1. When will it be possible to reschedule exam? As noted in previous
e-mails there will be a extension for 9/4 - 9/8?
2. If for some reason I will not pass, will there be another possibility
to retake exam? Strictly speaking it should be, because first attempt even
didn’t happen because of the system error.

Thank you.


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