CKA beta - 9/5 update


The changes made over the weekend have significantly improved the beta exam status. Virtually everyone should now be able to start their exam at the reserved time and we are continuing to roll out additional updates to further improve the experience. Here are some key points to note:

  • There is a very small handful of folks who had an error related to their original reservation ID being reused, which causes the newly scheduled exam to be unavailable. We are trying to track down and notify everyone affected
  • For each question you'll see the point value at the bottom and we're relocated some items so that fewer high value questions are at the end. However, since we're trying to minimize the amount of manual navigation across the different clusters, you'll still find that the second 'half' has a higher point value than the first 'half'.
  • If you find that a particular cluster isn't responding as it should, please move on to another question on a different cluster and continue. We've had a report today of an error like this and we will grade around this if it happens to anyone so that you won't be penalized. While we will try to get the grading done within the normal 3 day window for providing results it is possible that we might need an extra day or two.
  • Reminder to everyone that results are automatically sent 3 days after  your exam (allow up to 75hrs for the email to be delivered). However, we do have access to check on them sooner and will be dong that to tabulate the initial list of KCSPs. So all exams taken by Friday will be counted in developing the initial list.

If you experience any issues with your exam or questions about any part of the process please contact the CKA helpdesk at: certificationsupport@.... We've worked through the backlog caused by last week's issues so you will receive a timely response.



Clyde Seepersad
General Manager, Training & Certification
e: cseepersad@...
p: 404 964 6973