Web pages during the exam

Agoton DEIM


I've read about what is allowed and what's not. It's a bit confusing because someone said that you can use kuberenetes.io/docs/reference but you cannot use templates created specifically to the exam.
so, just to make it clear - somebody working on the exam from CNCF/Linuxfoundation - could you confirm that with a simple yes or no answer the following:
- can I use kuberentes.io/docs no matter what I find there? Because it's full of "examples" or "templates" it just a matter of what you think about that.
- to make my question more specific can I read https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/policy/pod-security-policy/ during the exam for example?
- if the pages mentioned above am I only allowed to read kuberenetes.io/docs/reference?
- if I google for let's say: nginx kuberentes pod deployment, is that allowed?

- but it's not allowed to visit eg mail.mindinfo.hu/kube-examples/ and download pre-made yaml files?

I think these areas of the exam needs some clarification before some dropped out of the exam because of that.
The exam is long enough with enough questions that with even using the documentation you will not be able to answer all the questions if you don't have experience (or if you have a terrible hangover for example :) )

br, Agoston