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Liz Kline

Update for CKA Beta Testers: in the next two days we plan to have the man pages up and available to address technical questions specific to this exam.

Candidates should review the Exam content instructions that are presented in the command line terminal; Candidate can also type “man cka_exam” in the command line to view instructions again at any time during the Exam

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On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 5:38 AM, Viswanathan, Anish <av7573@...> wrote:

Hi Team,


I have been sent an invite to appear for the exam, I have confirmed my date and time on the exam..

I understand that the guideline for the exam is published online, however reading through the mailing list I picked up some more info which is crucial to prepare for the exam..


The below 2 paragraph’s provide more info, however some crucial info is missing from paragraph 1  which can help me prepare for the exam, can I know the cluster names so that I am aware of what to expect…

Also how can I access command line help, or rather how can I get index of commands in kubernetes on the exam ?


Paragraph1 :-


Development status
* Grading scripts are completed for 31 items
* K8s image (exam environment) is built with 8 clusters for various (Details were missing, kindly check the below paragraph where cluster names are given) 
exam items; team is working through development issues
* Internal alpha testing is ongoing. First wave complete (half of the
items), second wave (with all questions) targeted for feedback by late


Paragraph2 :-


Development status
* finalized language on 26 of 32 items written for the exam
* created grading scripts for 5 of 32 items
* built a K8s image (exam environment) with 5 clusters:
   * Immaculate Kubernetes
   * Broken Kubernetes
   * Incomplete Kubernetes
   * Fresh Kubernetes
   * High-Availability (HA) Kubernetes
* working on a proposed a solution to handle CKA candidates switching
kubernetes contexts required to complete different exam items




Thank you and Best Regards,

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