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Caio Begotti

During Kubecon replies may come in slowly, so I figured I could chime in. When I got my CKA few months ago anything from was within OK boundaries so yes they should be good to use and the exam proctor will accept it. Unless things have changed recently.

On 7 Dec 2017, at 07:01, Tomasz Kapałka <tomasz.kapalka@...> wrote:

Hey Team


Could you please verify what kind resources can be used during the exam.

CKA Candidate Handbook stays:

In one point:

Policy on Tools and Resources During Exams:

“browse for and use technical documentation, including downloading and installing

templates and other technical assets. An example of a good resource is, .”

And in the next: resources forbidden during the exam:


“Exam-specific assets, meaning those created by (or with the assistance of) those with

prior exposure to the exam content and for the purpose of providing specific assistance

to a candidate taking the CKA exam.”

For me those two points are mutually exclusive.


Could you please clarify if I can or can’t use all the technical documentation from

Can I use examples of manifests presented on page?



Tomasz Kapalka



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