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Tomasz Kapałka <tomasz.kapalka@...>

Hey Team


Could you please verify what kind resources can be used during the exam.

CKA Candidate Handbook stays:

In one point:

Policy on Tools and Resources During Exams:

“browse for and use technical documentation, including downloading and installing

templates and other technical assets. An example of a good resource is,

https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/ .”

And in the next: resources forbidden during the exam:


“Exam-specific assets, meaning those created by (or with the assistance of) those with

prior exposure to the exam content and for the purpose of providing specific assistance

to a candidate taking the CKA exam.”

For me those two points are mutually exclusive.


Could you please clarify if I can or can’t use all the technical documentation from https://kubernetes.io/docs/home

Can I use examples of manifests presented on kubernetes.io page?



Tomasz Kapalka



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