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Great question! Any exam taken after yesterday is officially considered part of GA. You won't notice much change on the surface though since the questions are the same and the passing grade will not change, it remains at 74%. The two big differences are behind the scenes. First, the beta highlighted several cases (as many of you are painfully aware) where the exam environment was buggy and those have been addressed. Second, is that the grading scripts have had a lot of tuning to return more robust results. We did a huge amount of manual review of exam item responses during the beta to identify gaps between what the candidate did and what the grading script was expecting. Again, as several of you experienced, the manually graded scores were higher and the grading scripts are now more accommodating.

On behalf of the entire team at CNCF and The Linux Foundation I want to again thank everyone who participated in all the pre-launch testing. Your patience and resilience with the beta bugs and excellent feedback have made for a tremendously improved CKA exam and the future classes of certified individuals are forever in your debt.



On 09/12/2017 07:31 AM, Caio Begotti wrote:
Hi there, after the cluster issue I experienced I was issued a retake because (I suppose) my grading in the beta was impacted. My retake had to be scheduled to AFTER the date of GA. Question: is grading and passing grade different between them? I assume they are but I don't know if my retake is still part of the beta exam or GA now, no idea how it will be assessed.
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