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Jonas Cavalcanti

I found the environment slow, short time to be able to validate as the issues. At some point I losted a connection with command line and other times I needed a refresh on the page.

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 2:30 PM, Caio Begotti <caio1982@...> wrote:
Hi, I see the tech notes on the cluster setup for the beta exam say it does not need to follow best practices because it is a controlled env etc etc etc, but are best practices graded in the exam? For instance, if we are asked to create a Pod... in the real world I would never do that, instead I would create, say, at least a Deployment object with the Pod in it, but I can go ahead with just a Pod in the exam due to time constraints or best practices ARE actually graded? This is not clear to me, yet.

— Caio Begotti

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