Beta hiccups



As I'm sure you've deduced if you've been monitoring this channel we've hit the (inevitable?) beta speedbump with a rash of exams not being ready. The team is working feverishly to get the patches into production and we expect to have things flowing smoothly for next week's testing window (Mon-Friday). Really appreciate everyone's patience as we work through it.

For fastest response, and to ensure that your request doesn't get lost, please report any problems with taking the exam to us at

Thanks for your patience. We're acutely aware that many of you are very focused on qualifying for the inaugural list of KCSP's and we'll do whatever we can to ensure that these glitches don't affect your ability to qualify in.

I'm also able to report that the passing score for the exam has now been confirmed - it will be 74%. As we noted in the registration materials, many of you would have received the automated score reports that are triggered 3 days after your exam. Those results should be completely ignored as the individual question weights have only just been finalized. We'll be in touch Friday with an update on your actual passing status (and with a free retake already available should you need to have another go).



Clyde Seepersad
General Manager, Training & Certification
p: 404 964 6973

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