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Chavis, Brandon

Hey folks. 

I can appreciate how an AWS Marketplace listing might feel foreign or unusual, but I would encourage you to think about the perspective of companies or individuals who may not be as progressive in terms of open source tool adoption. 

As open source enthusiasts, we can forget that we tend to live in a bit of a bubble, and there are many AWS customers in traditional enterprises, the public sector, and other similar verticals that perhaps wouldn't consider trying a tool like KOPS. 

A Marketplace listing can help validate the AMI in the eyes of those who may otherwise be hesitant to try a tool openly available on Github, and it also provides a more clear path for AWS to apply our marketing power to such an effort. 

We currently have a KOPS blog post in the works, and we'd like to be able to reference the Marketplace listing as well.

Because the Marketplace provides metrics about usage and consumption, we should be easily able to measure this test and understand if the existence of this AMI leads to KOPS adoption or not. 

Just my two cents!


Brandon Chavis​

Amazon Web Services

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As a user of kubernetes on AWS (using kube-aws to provision kubernetes cluster), I feel baking Kubernetes into an AMI is quite strange and probably won't work out. Using tools like kops and kube-aws is so easy and feels to be the right way to go.

On Friday, June 2, 2017 at 7:22:58 PM UTC+8, Stuart Williams wrote:
Hi all,

Apologies for the delay in moving this forwards.

I've started a discussion document with the intention that we'll nail down the content of the AMI and steps required to assemble and test it, here:

Please comment and/or add questions.

I'll follow up again early next week.


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