Stable and Incubator chart repo deprecation

Matt Farina

This has been shared previously but we've come to realize that not everyone has noticed.

On November 13th of this year the stable and incubator chart repos will be marked obsolete and will be going away.

There are two elements to this. The first is that they will be obsolete and we will no longer be accepting changes to them. Any charts that want to be around long term will need to migrate to a new location. If you have questions on doing this or running your own repository, we are happy to help. We have documented how to run a repo on GitHub and have released tools, like the chart releaser, to help.

Those charts can be made discoverable through the Helm Hub and Artifact Hub. The Artifact Hub is listed because the Helm Hub is migrating there. You can find the migration issue at

The other element is that the chart repositories will be going away. While the git repository will still be available the Helm repository will be garbage collected and no longer available. This can happen on November 13th or any day after that. I would plan on Nov 13th to be on the safe side.

jFrog Chart Center does have a cache of the charts. I have been told this will remain after the stable and incubator repos are gone.

If you have any questions about this please let us know. This was initially announced months ago but I realize the message has been lost with everything else going on. We are putting a renewed focus on it in an attempt to make a clean of a transition as possible.

Matt Farina