Proposal on Helm v2 support post v3.0.0 stable release

Matt Farina

We are currently discussing the support proposal for Helm v2 once Helm v3 is released. There are two reasons for this:

  1. We want to have a shared understanding about levels of support over time so there is no guessing. This will help people plan
  2. The tiller and legacy locations for downloading Helm v2 are in Google Cloud buckets owned and managed by Google rather than the CNCF (Helm had this before there was a CNCF). They will be removed at some point. There isn't a manner to move buckets to other projects. The URLs for some things (e.g., tiller and the stable repository) are hard coded into Helm. And, there are many people using older versions of Helm v2 so updates now will not completely solve the problem for users.

With that in mind, there is a proposal for a support period whose start is triggered by the release of Helm v3.0.0 documented at

Once we have the final decided support cycle I will share that here. If you have feedback on it please share. We are looking for input.

Matt Farina