Helm Hub move to Artifact Hub

Matt Farina

The Helm Hub has made it far easier to find charts that are distributed around the Internet. General purpose search engines don't make it easy and the Helm Hub, being Kubernetes and charts specific, provided an improvement.

The Helm Hub is built on Monocular which was originally designed for purposes other than running a large many repo site. It has worked well but its limitations have started to showcase themselves. For example, the repository listing on the charts search page does not visually scale well and the pageload times increase with each new chart added to the site. We knew that some changes needed to happen for the Helm Hub to scale better.

The Artifact Hub is a Kubernetes artifact search site. It handles Helm charts and other cloud native artifacts. This site is self service for both publishers and consumers and designed to scale. The Artifact Hub was recently accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project and was born out of work in the CNCF.

Instead of investing in Helm Hub software that does a better job scaling, we are going to migrate over to use the Artifact Hub. This means the Helm Hub site will eventually redirect to the Artifact Hub and the Helm Hub codebase will be archived.

The issue tracking this migration is at https://github.com/helm/hub/issues/439

Some steps in the migration have already begun. This includes making all of the existing Helm Hub repositories available in the Artifact Hub. Those that were not already listed on the Artifact Hub were migrated. If you own one of the repositories that has been migrated and would like to take over management please file an issue on the Helm Hub and we can transfer the ownership.

We are happy to answer any questions related to this.