Chart Repo Management UI (ChartMuseum UI)

Josh Dolitsky

I've talked with a number of people recently about a potential ChartMuseum UI.

This is not to be confused with the Monocular project, which is solving the issue of chart discovery across a distributed set of chart repos, all managed and deployed differently. This is more about enabling the hosting and management of your own chart repo(s).

Here is a proposed list of features the UI could provide (some of which require significant backend work):

- Login with basic auth credentials
- Login via third-party
- Create new organizations
- Create new repos
- Assign various roles to my team members: member/admin of an organization, ability to view/administer a repo, ability to create/read/update/delete charts to/from a specific repo
- List all charts in repo
- List all versions of a chart
- Download charts
- Upload charts
- Delete charts
- Search for charts
- Display the chart's README
- Mark my repo as public vs private

I've opened a GitHub issue to start the discussion, please add your feedback here:


Josh Dolitsky