HIP: Introduce a `export-values` feature for mapping values from parent chart to child charts

von Loewenstein, Jan <jan.von.loewenstein@...>

Hi Helm maintainers and Helm users,

we've created a HIP PR (helm/community#/242) for introducing a feature that was originally proposed with helm/helm#3242. There have been multiple attempts to implement this.
However, most if not all of which ended up with a request to explain and document before implementing and in general to follow the Helm Improvement Proposal process, which has never happened.

Thinking that the idea had been discussed multiple times and had not really been questioned substantially, we've skipped the "Start with an idea" phase and went on to directly provide a HIP via PR.

I hope this will not diminish the chance of getting a discussion rolling, get feedback from the community and getting a review from the Helm maintainers.

What is the next step? I'd be happy to discuss our HIP via PR review or in person (well, virtually) if the need arises. Feedback about how we can improve the proposal is most welcome.

Thanks, and bet regards
Jan (but I am merely the messenger)