Recursive dependency HIP

Omer Kahani

I'm following the HIP process for recursive dependency build (,,

The current implementation of the command only refers to the first level of dependencies. Meaning that if a chart requires a chart, and that chart requires a chart - running `helm dependency build` would not create a chart that is ready to use. The second level of dependencies would never get built.

The PR's were open in 2017, today they have 117 votes (emojis), 45 comments from 28 participants. 2 PRs were open for implementation, but was closed for different reasons.

There is community demand for this feature, so I'm hoping a HIP would help drive it forward

As this is my first HIP, I would appreciate any help starting with open questions and concerns with adding a recursive flag to the build command.

The recursive flag would manage n-level of dependencies, so running `helm dependency build --recursive` would create a working helm chart.

Omer Kahani