[HIP] cascade option for uninstall and upgrade commands

Péter Laukó <peter.lauko@...>


I would like to propose a 'cascade' option for the uninstall and upgrade commands.

The current implementation of these commands hardcodes metav1.DeletePropagationBackground and removes all dependent objects unconditionally. This is the preferred behaviour for most of the time, but I think it would make sense to make it configurable. For example we set owner references between custom resources (default configuration pieces provided by our application and their user overrides) and most of the time we would like them to come and go together. However if an upgrade fails, the owned objects (user overrides) should be kept in place, and being able to turn off cascading would make fixing the failed release easier.

Please let me know if you think this idea makes sense and I'm happy to prepare a formal proposal and provide the patch.