Helm Test: What kind of tests can we perform on a helm chart?


I was looking for the list of tests that can be executed or recommended to execute on a helm chart. Does anyone have a good handy list that can be seen as a good starting point?
One observation, most of the helm hub helm charts don't have tests. I'm not sure if they are late in implementing or if have any valid reason to NOT deliver tests.


Abhishek Tamrakar

It depends what you are doing with the helm charts? Mostly people install apps, many install pre-requisites (roles, clusterroles, crds, etc.) apart from the applications (pods).
In case of application, a basic sanity of the application can be planned and could be written as part of tests/<template> in your helm chart wherever possible.
I don't think any other tests are necessary, because post deployment you can follow standard testing process which may include smoke tests, performance tests, penitration/security tests, etc.

Guillaume Berche

Hi Teja,

https://github.com/quintush/helm-unittest provides support for helm chart unit tests. Some alternatives are also listed in https://github.com/quintush/helm-unittest#related-projects--commandsĀ including https://blog.gruntwork.io/automated-testing-for-kubernetes-and-helm-charts-using-terratest-a4ddc4e67344 which provides a nice overview of one test pyramid using terratest for helm charts.

Hope this helps,