[DISCUSS] Automate the management of GitHub org/team membership

Roy Lenferink <lenferinkroy@...>

Hi folks,

I've been looking into peribolos, a tool used at the Kubernetes org, for automating our Helm GitHub organization & team membership.
Basically this means the Helm organization config will be stored in a simple yaml file. Inviting new contributors can go through GitHub issues or pull requests. A web hook will then trigger peribolos which invites the user (e.g. invited by helm-bot).
Next to inviting new contributors, peribolos is able to manage team membership as well. Because changes are going through pull requests discussions are public as well and will be kept for historical purposes, e.g.: https://github.com/kubernetes/org/
For a more advanced description, I've created the following helm/community GitHub issue: https://github.com/helm/community/issues/96

I'll volunteer to help out with getting this setup but it requires me to be added as a Helm org admin.
When we decide we want to this and a working setup is available, our Helm community docs can be updated as well to describe our "new member" workflow.

I'll leave this post open for a couple of days, if there are no objections after a few days I'll coordinate with the Helm maintainers to get this up and running.