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Matt Farina

&tldr; The Helm client can now be downloaded from This is the new primary source we will ship the client from and the only location to get Helm v3. Helm v3 alpha1 builds are there now. All of the Helm v2 versions are available there. If you use the get script it will now pull from this location. If you use 
CI you can replace with We plan on continuing to support the existing download location until we no longer support Helm v2. But, we encourage you to switch because of some of the new features listed below.

Why The Change

The Helm Client has long been available to download from This bucket in Google Cloud has been used by Helm since before Kubernetes was part of the CNCF. Google, rather than the CNCF, has long been gracious in providing for this location. Since Helm started using it, Helm (as part of Kubernetes) moved into the CNCF and then moved out from under the Kubernetes umbrella to become a sister project to Kubernetes in the CNCF.

The CNCF is in the process of taking over the infrastructure for Kuberentes. It was time for Helm to move from a Google funded distribution location to one funded elsewhere. Google Cloud buckets cannot be transferred between projects. This means we need to move to a new URL location as part of the move.

What The New Location Provides

Moving locations provides us the opportunity to support some new features including:

  1. A URL we control so we do not need to change it again in the future. If the storage provider needs to change later we can have the URL point at the new location without this level of disruption going forward.
  2. Downloads in China. China is a large market for the CNCF and Helm. The Google Cloud Bucket is not accessible in China. The new location is and we are seeing just how popular Helm downloads are in China.
  3. Delivery via CDN. is fronted by a CDN. This should provider faster downloads to those distributed around the world.

Tiller Has Not Moved

This change is only for the client download. Tiller has not moved to a new location. For Helm v3 there is no Tiller component.

If you have any questions about this change please let us know.

Special thanks to Matt Fisher who did the bulk of the work to setup the new location, update the automation, and make this possible.

Matt Farina