Helm 3.0.0-alpha.1 and 2.14.0 have been released!

Matt Fisher <matt.fisher@...>

Hey everyone! Helm 3.0.0-alpha.1 has been released. You can read all about what's changed by reading the release notes here.

This is only the first alpha release, and we'll still continue to add more features to Helm 3 as we iterate on future alpha releases. This is incredibly early software and bugs are to be expected (as with all alpha releases), so please do not run this in production.

If you want to get involved with testing the alpha (or to start contributing), we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out on Slack or feel free to reach out to me directly. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to give out a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the release. This was a massive undertaking, and we're just getting started together. We could not have done it without your continued help and support, and I cannot wait for what's ahead. Thank you.

As an additional note, Helm 2.14.0 was released today as well, and you can read the release notes for 2.14.0 here. Hooray for synchronized release schedules!