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Matt Butcher

We had discussed collocating with KubeCon prior to COVID. I am not sure if that is the plan for Helm Summit in the future. Karen (the community manager for Helm) might know better.


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My name is Yair Etziony; i am the head of operations for Polar Squad Germany. 

We are A DevOps consultancy with offices in Finland, Germany, and Spain. We are advocates of open source software and part of the CNCF.

In 2019 I was part of the Helm Summit EU, I helped create the program, and i enjoyed the event. As a person managing a company doing DevOps and is part of the CNCF, i am wondering if there is another planned event in the EU in the future? If so, i would gladly like to help and support it (from the curation side of things and maybe in other ways).
I believe that Helm and the community behind it are essential for the cloud-native and DevOps movements, and helping with an event like this is a crucial task for me.

Kind regards


Yair Etziony
Head Of Operations Germany

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