Nomination for Helm Org maintainer: Karen Chu

Bridget Kromhout

Thanks to Adnan for his service. Now that he has stepped down as a Helm Org maintainer, we have an opening. Per the process described in the governance docs in, I am nominating Karen Chu.

Karen has been active on the Helm project since its inception at Deis, and her community management role was formally recognized in 2019:

When I look at the responsibilities of the org maintainers, I think of Karen. She has a clear picture of the mission, vision, values, and scope of Helm. She is key to managing and messaging the brand and identity, and she has experience in broader contexts with handling escalations and resolving conflicts. I am confident that Karen will be able to guide Helm with her unique perspective and keep it on track as a healthy graduated CNCF project. As we all know, keeping a project on track requires much attention to these details, and I think Karen will meet the challenge handily.

I look forward to Karen accepting this nomination, after which we can call a vote.

Bridget Kromhout

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