Re: Idea proposal: --reuse-values specifying a release version

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I've developed a plugin to fetch values from a previous release helm-val it may be suitable for your case. Also you can found it  here

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Le mar. 30 nov. 2021 à 16:27, Antoine Sauray <antoine.sauray@...> a écrit :
Hi 👋

I would like to submit an idea to the helm project. I have a use case which is not covered by the existing Helm command line tool, here’s a description:

At BlaBlaCar, we have canary deployments enabled using a boolean value in our helm release. When releasing a new version, the deployment is gradually rolled out to our users.

There may be some situations where we still have to rollback though. In that scenario, the `helm rollback` command does not work for us because it still contains the boolean value that was used to gradually rollout our deployment. The consequence is that the rollback goes through a canary again, even though we might actually be facing a production issue.

We thought of using the `helm upgrade` command with `—reuse-values` and `—set` but we only have access to the latest revision.

We think it would be interesting if we could specify the version of the release we want to use the values in the `—reuse-values` command, or if we could upgrade values with a command like `—set` in the `helm rollback` command.

What do you think ? Do you think one of the two alternatives is better ? Or maybe none match your expectations for the helm project ?

Antoine Sauray

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