Re: Org Maintainer Nomination: Martin Hickey

Matt Farina

The next step in the process is that Martin needs to accept. He can do that here on the list.

On Tue, May 25, 2021, at 12:51 PM, Matt Butcher via wrote:
I would like to nominate Martin Hickey as a Helm org maintainer, as described in the Helm Org Governance document:

Martin is a long-standing community member, a maintainer on multiple Helm projects, and an excellent ambassador of the Helm community.

Per the governance documents, this begins the three-week nomination process, which will end on June 15, 2021. At that time, a private Condorcet-style vote will be taken, in which all maintainers for all Helm projects are eligible to vote once. Martin must obtain a 2/3 majority of those that voted.

Happy Helming,

Matt Butcher
Chair, Helm Organization

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