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Hey Kavindu,

Up until very recently there was no way to reference files external to the helm chart asides from using invocations like `--set foo=$(cat myfile)`. However, there is a PR out there to make this simpler by adding a new --set-file flag:

Until then, using --set is your best bet.

Is it all right if we go ahead and close and carry the conversation here? It's nice to keep a conversation in one place.



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Currently, I am working on deploying MySQL using helm package. In that scenario, I want to add some custom configuration files and initialization SQL file. According to the details which are provided on GitHub, we have to paste the content of all the configuration files and all the initialization SQL files into the values.yaml file. But in my case, I have a very big initialization SQL file and it is hard to paste it on the values.yaml file. 

Therefore, is there a way to link an external file or file path to the values.yaml or is there some other solution for this issue? 
Kindly appreciated your inputs on this issue.

Thank you,

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