Proposed dates for 3.6 release

Marc Khouzam


helm 3.5 will be released next week Wednesday, January 13th as previously announced.
At the same time we should announce when the 3.6 release is planned.
On the dev call today it was suggested:

3.6 RC1: Monday May 17th, 2021
3.6 final release: Wednesday May 26th, 2021

That date is about a month following the release of Kubernetes 1.21 to give maintainers
enough time to adapt helm to any unexpected changes to Kubernetes's Go API.

Does anyone have concerns about those dates?  (there is a holiday very close following which may affect maintainers availability).

Let's do a lazy consensus, so if there are no objections by next Tuesday, we'll announce the above dates the next day.

Thank you


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