Re: Why do we need Helm Tests? What does they solve?


@Matt:  I am trying to understand different test cases that can be tested via the helm test. I now agree that we need these tests but I was unsure how can help/aid my chart consumers. Most of the helm charts today in helm hub are testing connections to their ports. I was thinking if we can use "helm tests" to notice if the deployment was successful or not i.e. to understand if microservices are deployed properly as per deployment configuration and ready to serve traffic. Am I thinking correctly? Can we use helm tests to test readiness and liveness checks of microservices or is it a bad idea (rely on monitoring instead)?

@Berin: Thanks for the suggestions. I had a quick look at Terratest. If we have helm tests, we can either run "helm test" or "ct lint". I think Terratest is a go library support for writing test code and also offers support for deployment, validation of charts, and infrastructure readiness. Does Terratest run "helm test" as part of its validation or does that something else?


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