Re: Why do we need Helm Tests? What does they solve?

Matt Farina


This is a good question.

There are a couple things that come to mind for uses of Helm tests.

Helm tests enable a chart author to package tests in a chart and ship them to a chart consumer. The chart consumer (sometimes called the Helm user) can then install a chart and test that it's running. This is useful as Helm is a package manager and the one creating the chart is often not the one installing and using the chart.

Helm is used across many versions of Kubernetes. That includes supported and unsupported versions. When a chart is packaged up by a chart creator it may be tested against the version of Kubernetes they use but does that mean it works against the version of Kubernetes a chart user is dealing with? Testing passed to the users in a common way provides a means to help figure it out.

One tool to help with testing is the Chart Testing tool ( It's used for the CI testing in the stable charts repo.


On Mon, Sep 7, 2020, at 9:11 AM, vtejaswini1@... wrote:
I want to understand why we need helm tests? I have my CI automation which deploys all of my charts and checks if the feature is working or not.
I don't understand why I need "helm tests" in the helm chart directories. Also, is it the only way-forward or do we have any other tools that can help us for the time being?


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