stepping down


Hey Helmettes,

It's been a pleasure being a core maintainer on the Helm project since it's initial release Helm Classic (v1) in 2015 and probably the coolest experience of my career. I am officially stepping down as core maintainer to focus on other responsibilities. I've learned a lot from everyone involved and appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you all.

--- Feel free to ignore the rest of this if you don't care for long messages but I do want to take a few minutes to give my thanks.---

Thank you Matt Butcher for giving me room and guidance to build out parts of Helm v1 and v2. I learned a lot about how to do open source and build a community, how to research and think through design decisions and iterate on them, and how to write Go from you. I will always appreciate your patience and the opportunities you encouraged me to take. I remember you asking me to compile my code on the spot and and show Bitnami (and others) what we were working on in the early days. Obviously, I don't recommend that for everyone but when you asked me do that (more than once), it helped me learn how to talk about what we were working on on the spot. I learned how to demo, give the right amount of context without prep, and it made me more confident about showing work in progress. Thanks for helping build a safe and respectful environment to work in (you and Adam both). Thank you Adam Reese for being my partner in crime, for always supporting me and having my back. I loved going through this journey with you from building a PaaS at Engine Yard to building a package manager for Kubernetes. I will never forget the times where we'd get on calls and admit to each other we were both totally lost lol. I learned a lot about how to ask the right questions and articulate problems more clearly from you. Thank you Brian Hardock for helping me think deeper about the software and tools we use. Adnan, Miguel, Sameer, Jack Francis, Brian Grant, Vic, Sebastian, Bridget, Matt Fisher, Martin. I've had a blast with you all. I know I am missing people (sorry). Super proud of this tool and community and still humbled I got the opportunity to work on it.


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