Share common configmap / data


I'm newbie to helm and trying to understand and develop helm charts for my organization, so pardon my knowledge on the subject.This is my idea of sharing a common library configmap to access across multiple charts.
I want to identify account number and other details of AWS deployment, so I can set some values accordingly.
Is this correct? I can pass in .Values.account appropriate value and how do I go about accessing in this example account_number
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: aws
{{- if eq .Values.account "dev" }}
{{- printf "YX3XX2YX1YX6"}}
{{- else if eq .Values.account "stg" }}
{{- printf "X48XY438611X"}}
{{- else if eq .Values.account "prd" }}
{{- printf "Y83Y23X888X1"}}
{{- end }}

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