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Right, in other words, build the chart for the upcoming release, but override the values in the CI/CD pipeline if that's how you work internally.

Now, I attempted to do that using helm template directive to see what I get--and was disappointed.

$ helm template eureka --set .Chart.appVersion=java11port

Did not change appVersion for me.  I tried ".Chart.appVersion", "appVersion", "Chart.appVersion" and could not get the command line to override the appVersion for me.

I need some kind of mechanism so I can override this value, otherwise I am going to end up with hundreds of nearly identical helm charts where the only difference is the appVersion.

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 3:22 PM <cncf@...> wrote:
The usual way app versioning in Helm works is, the chart has a value that represents which image tag the chart should install.  That tag in turn typically maps to the application version.  This doesn’t have to be true, so if a variation of it works better for you when writing your charts, feel free to use it, but for charts made publicly available, it’s generally considered a best practice and almost all of them work that way.

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