Re: Helm chart versioning Umbrella chart - CI/CD

Devdatta Kulkarni

I would suggest bumping the version of the umbrella chart (minor version at least). That way you will be able to track back which umbrella chart contains your new child chart.

- Devdatta

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Subject: [cncf-helm] Helm chart versioning Umbrella chart - CI/CD

Versioning chart was always a challenge specially on CI/CD pipeline.

I have a CI pipeline that contains a child chart directory that will be pushed to a repository with the same version as docker image and then it will trigger the CD repository. The CD will download the child chart under an umbrella chart to deploy the whole thing.

So I was wondering what are the best practice and how to version umbrella chart ? How to handle the whole versioning thing child chart + umbrella chart ? should it be the same version for both ?


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