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There's a section about this in the troubleshooting documentation:

Let us know if this helps.


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Subject: [cncf-helm] Troubleshooting a Helm installation
Hello Helm!
I have a Helm installation set up to install some of our DevOps toolchain, which generally works fine and as such tends to get "ignored" on the Ops side. As a result helm commands are only run rarely (once every few months).

My current task started with "Let's add a PostGreSQL installation, and then ran into "Bad Certificate" errors. Unfortunately there is no Helm-for-Helm, and the documentation describes how to setup/install Helm securely pretty well, but not so much how to find out why it stopped working. All applications I have installed work fine, but Helm itself refuses to do anything. My last bit of work was on refreshing the certificates (which naturally ran out unnoticed), and I could reinstall our Ingress Controller after that, but 4 weeks onwards it refuses to budge.

"helm list --tls --debug" simply responds with
[debug] Created tunnel using local port: '55563'

[debug] SERVER: ""

[debug] Key="/Users/bertlaverman/.helm/key.pem", Cert="/Users/bertlaverman/.helm/cert.pem", CA="/Users/bertlaverman/.helm/ca.pem"

Error: remote error: tls: bad certificate

This does not really tell me anything beyond that I have some kind of SSL related issue. Which certificate is in trouble, Helm or Tiller, is unknown, nor what exactly is Helm's beef with it.
Who can help me with some basic troubleshooting guidelines?

I don't mind cleaning the resulting story up for addition to the docs, but for now I'm kind of looking at having to spend days on trying to find out what happened here.


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