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Matt Fisher <matt.fisher@...>

Good question. At this time, we do not have a cut date for 2.15. We may have to come up with a planned merge window for this release so contributors are aware of the deadline.

However, I imagine the cut window would be fairly short - likely within the next two weeks. Users have reported issues using Helm with Kubernetes 1.16 and there's a PR open to fix that. Once that's merged, we will likely be pressured to release 2.15 for that fix.


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What is the estimated cut date for this?

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Hello all Helmettes! 

We have decided that Helm 2.15 will be the last feature release for Helm 2. This means that once it is cut, we will be moving the current master branch to be "release-2" and "dev-v3" will become the new master. Any currently open PRs with features will need to be targeted for v3 after that point.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the last _feature_ release. We will still be releasing bug and security fixes as needed.

Thank you for all of the feedback and for helping us maintain a great community!


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