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Can someone help me please? Especially if you attended the summit. I can work with you even if you did not attend but consider yourself as a core Helm contributor.



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Hello Helm maintainers:

I reached out to Matt regarding an in-depth q and a for infoq. Since he does not have the bandwidth can anyone else step in here (his suggestion to reach out to list). It will take a max of 3 to 4 hours of your time spread over a few days.



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Subject: Helm in-depth of Q/A for InfoQ



Hope you’r having a great Helm Summit. Too bad, I am not in Amsterdam 


I part time write for InfoQ (as you probably know) and would like to do an indepth Helm Q/A similar to


Would you have some bandwith (will take just about 2-3 hours of your time max to answer about 6-8 questions)? I am thinking of pushing this out this week or latest next and only after you green light the preview that I’ll send out.


Hopefully this works for you? LMK if I need to reach out to anyone else as well? If you’re not the right person (don’t know who else can it be for Helm ) then LMK as well.





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