Re: Input requested: Helm v3 survey

Stefanie Arnold

Thanks Matt Farina!

For the how many users question, I think it depends what you want to know. Are you trying to get a sense of how many developers or operators are using helm? Or, is helm the go-to tool yet (versus kubectl)?


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This looks great!

Would it be useful to add an extra section under the "how many users are in your organization" question, asking:

Under your current job role, approximately how many users are using the stuff you built?
  • 1-10
  • 11-100
  • 101-1,000
  • 1,000+
  • unknown
This might be useful to inform us how high of an impact Helm has on the services they are operating, deploying or distributing. What do you think?


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To learn more about what people need out of helm v3 I'm starting to put together a survey. A document with questions is at the following link. If you have any feedback please feel open to adding it...!At6-pjJ-bCdxgWcwG59q4YaEp9GC

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