Re: Complex charts

Matt Farina

Hi Joni.

Is this flight simulation system one application with numerous microsevices? If so, it may make sense to do it as a single chart. That's what I would do.

Are you going to share this chart publicly or keep it private? If you are going to keep it private it may make sense to use a single chart. If it's public and uses some common components (e.g., mariadb or postgresql) it may make sense to depend on another chart for one of those.

One flat chart with some templating is fine to do.

Hope that helps

- Matt Farina

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019, at 2:50 AM, j.g.pelham@... wrote:
Hi All, I was advised to ask here regarding complex helm chart development. I'm trying to put together a new flight simulation system and this means a lot of inter-node communication through things like sockets. Maybe also some WebRTC further down the line. Maybe one flat chart with some templating to automate the notation required for what is linking to what? Has anyone tried this sort of thing before?

Kind regards


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