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This was originally the design goal of rudders and the rudder-federation project. The last activity that initiative had seen was over 2 years ago, and the core maintainer who was developing that project recently became an emeritus member.

As Kevin mentioned, I'd look into Kubernetes Federation v2. There hasn't been much activity on federated tillers in a *long* time.


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It can not. You can get some of that functionality via Kubefed:

A central tiller can load kubefed objects that go out to other clusters.


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I'm setting up a number of Kubernetes clusters and want to use Helm/Tiller to deploy charts. Let's call these clusters central, dev, stg, and prod.I'm wondering if it's possible to install Tiller into the central cluster and give it access to deploy into other clusters like dev, stg, and prod. That way I'm not duplicating charts across clusters. I imagine there would be some service account magic that would need to happen across clusters, but I'm not sure that tiller can access other clusters or if it's tied to single clusters.

Here's a diagram of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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