Re: Go get meet ERROR " parsing go.mod: unexpected module path """

Matt Fisher <matt.fisher@...>

As far as we know, dep has a *lot* of issues when it comes to dependency resolution. Helm 2 uses glide, but Helm 3 uses dep. Both are being planned for deprecation (with the former being officially deprecated), but they’re still stable workhorses and will work in a production scenario. I’d suggest trying an alternative package manager entirely. `go mod` is still very early and is why we haven’t migrated over because of issues like this.




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Hi all,

I want to build a Golang project with helm, but when I try to get helm package, I got following error:

go: parsing go.mod: unexpected module path ""

I google it and try to use "replace v1.4.0 => v1.4.0" making package redirect to "sirupsen/logrus@....0". This problem solved but others following behind. I got a lot different errors when get other dependencies. 

So I want to know if helm package still be maintained. Thanks in advance :)

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