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Laird Nelson

You might also be interested in microBean Helm ( and/or the helm-maven-plugin (


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Hey Paul, there are no plans for making the Helm command-line binaries available on Maven Central, though I’m a little concerned about publishing helm binaries on Maven Central that are not published by Helm’s CI infrastructure. In the past we’ve considered anything that has not been released through Helm’s CI infrastructure as untrusted/unsafe (run at your own risk) as we can’t verify that the source code or the release assets themselves have not been tampered with.


Is there a particular reason why the releases available on GitHub won’t work in this case?




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Are there any plans for making the Helm command-line binaries available on Maven Central? And if that's not the case, would you mind if we publish helm binaries on Maven Central?


We have a plugin for Maven that uses helm binaries we published to our internal company Nexus for easier management of different helm versions. We plan to open source this plugin and thus need to publish helm binaries to Maven Central.


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