Re: Recurring Helm 3 repos meeting

Josh Dolitsky

More or less, yes. It is the goal of the change. This is coming from desire to align Helm with the user experience of "docker pull", "docker push".

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 2:41 PM Stefanie Arnold <starnold@...> wrote:
Thanks for the minutes Josh.

Comment on "Remove --version flag from commands". As far as I can tell the version still needs to be provided somewhere in the command, and if we go URL route the version will need to adhere to a certain format. I'm curious if this is the goal of the change, or if handling flags is just getting out of hand.

>>> "Josh Dolitsky" <jdolitsky@...> 11/28/18 11:59 AM >>>
Thanks everyone for joining today. I think we are making some progress. Here are the notes:

What was decided today (please shout if you disagree!)
  • Keep helm repo add for aliasing purposes, will work with Helm 2 and Helm 3 repos
  • Remove --version flag from commands, come up with contract on how we derive version from URL
    • Example: -> 0.10.2
Please suggest topics for next weeks call.



On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 11:08 PM <roc@...> wrote:
So the call will be at 12am - 1am in my timezone, that sounds great. I just need to stay up late a little to join the call. I am very willing to participate in the development and discussion of helm 3, and I am also devoping a product of public cloud related to helm chart repository, so this call will be interesting for me, see you guys midnight tonight :)

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