Re: Is it ok to use "helm" in name of open-sourced Maven plugin

Matt Fisher <matt.fisher@...>

I am not a lawyer but there are multiple Helm-related projects, all prefixed with the name “helm-“, so I don’t see a problem with that. AFAIK naming infringement problems only arise when there are projects that use the name “Helm” outside of the context of Helm :)




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first of all, great work on Helm, it has made our life a lot easier since we begun using it.


We have been developing an Apache Maven Plugin for Helm, which we would like to open-source. The question now is if we may use the name "helm" in the artifactId of our Maven plugin, e.g. "helm-maven-plugin", obviously the groupId would reflect our comany ("com.deviceinsight").


Just wanted to make sure we're not infringing on the trademark rights of the Helm project in any way.


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